Change Your Identity Completely.           Documents included


*State Driver's License & ID Card

Driver's license
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* Social Security Card / SSN

In your new identity package, You will find...


A passport which is database registered and also matching your birth certificate,

Driver's license

Social security Card and 

Utility Bill (Optional)

In our Identity Package, You will find...


Either a State Driver's License or Identity card, You must let us know if you prefer Driver's license or State Identity card.

In this New Identity Package, You will find...

A Social security card / SSN

If you have lost your card and need us to get you a new card with your SSN and name on your lost card ( with a duplicate copy that you can keep as a reserve copy.

If you need a new Social security number that is registered in SSA

If you need someone's SSN associated to you

*Birth Certificate

Florida Birth Certificate

We are going to start with a new Birth certificate for you. You will let us know which Country/State Birth certificate you want. You birth certificate name and other details on it will match all other identity documents that are included in this new identity package.